I Am Writing A Book

I can’t wait for the day I finally completed my first ever book! I have been writing it since January. Sadly, that’s all I can share for now. The plot is not even decided yet. I kind of like just go with the flow. I don’t want to plan; some writers do but not me.

Well, I have just completed chapter 5 today of my novel *wohoo*. This is like the first time I was able to complete a chapter — in one day! I guess, I can proudly say that today had been a very productive writing day. Credits to me for being single. Feb 14 definitely made a difference. Ha ha ha!

In between work and personal crap, I have managed to write a 5 chapter book in a span of 12 writing days *thumbs up*. Yup, you’ve read that right. Writing days. Of course, not every day of the month I get to write. There are days that I allot for it considering I have a full time job.

I am targeting a novel of 70,000 words. But who knows? I will self publish it soon. *crossed fingers*


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