Team Albert Summer Outing 2015

This is one of my most favorite trips last year. Together with Team Albert 2015 (Aurizon, QUU, Asciano) and some of our FAL friends, we made one of the best summer memories yet. I don’t normally go on outings because I am KJ like that but I was super glad I didn’t miss this one. THE BEST.

Well, the trip didn’t go smoothly as usual… We faced some minor hurdles along the way:

1.) One, I was planning on backing out last minute (like I normally do?). We weren’t that many in the team so my absence would affect the budget? Bwahaha It was Rizaldy, one of the best party organizers of our team, who pushed me into going. Almost everyday he played guilt trip on me.

2.) It was mother’s day the next day so most of us were kind of hesitant to go because of their respective plans for that day.

3.) It was a long trip. Most of us already have families so arranging the trip was kind of a challenge. Also, long trips would mean higher contribution because of the mileage fee and etc. Most of us were kuripots like that.

4.) We were very demanding but very kuripot at the same time. We said that if we were to have this trip, it should be worth our while. It should have a cool venue and… there should be a pool and a beach.

5.) The pictures of the venue were pretty awesome but when we got there, we were like in denial at first “was that our resort? Nope. Lets go find it. No it is! Ohh wait, it can’t be?” kind of talk. But we are wrong!! It was one of the coolest places on earth, but kind of creepy?

For me, one of the highlights of the trip was the scary story session? Haha The private resort was kind of old and you can evidently see that from the house’s design/foundation and we have an officemate who has a 3rd eye and I was observing him of any signs almost the whole time because I am curious like that. Poor me, I know when something is bothering him? I hate horror movies. I am afraid of the dark. Well, I tortured myself with my curiosity. I also kept on asking him if he has spotted anything already the entire time but he wont tell. He told us eventually when we were back in the office.

This is also one of the trips I had with a lot of stop overs. Almost all landmarks that we came across with, we stopped by. Haha

Any who, I am writing this because we will soon have our Summer Outing 2016 this Friday. Hope to make good memories too aka videos? Lol


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