FANZ Team Outing All Stars 2016

This outing was only supposed to be for our team however the team decided to have a joint team outing with TL Bobby’s team. Then, our operations manager, sir Chris Bonus, confirmed attendance. Since we also have friends from other teams, we extended the invitation to other members until TL Carl and TL Rey’s teams confirmed also. Since that was the case already, we decided to invite the whole FANZ team. Unfortunately, TL Mike and TL Dennis already have commitments that time so they can’t join the outing but gladly they have members who joined the fun thus tagging this outing ALL STARS 😀

Well, this outing has been rescheduled 3 times before it got pushed through last March 4 and 5. In fact, the venue was not decided yet until 2 weeks before the said dates. Since we only work from Mondays to Fridays, scheduling this has not been a problem for us; we just have to avoid the patching weekends though…

Many thanks to:

Food Team:

Kiko, Jacel, Ralph, Patrick, Anna, and Ynna

Org Team:

Ana and Ynna who helped me with a lot of stuff

Dianne for backfilling Ynna’s part when she’s on leave

Beverage Team:

Marius and Renzo

All the TLS and OMC for ensuring our schedules (no patching, changes, etc) for those days, helping us with the meetings and ensuring connection for on calls, and for their presence most especially.

Special Thanks to Kiko for his initiatives (alam mo ne yen) and TL Carl for his extra contribution (alam nyo ne yen).

And most especially to all 36 participants for your contributions and participation. 

Until next time guys.


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