Kindle PaperWhite 2015


FINALLY! I got myself an Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 2015 e-reader!!! Ever since I was in high school, I can no longer count the times I have been seeing an ophthalmologist for my eye problems. They always tell me that my eye sight / grade is normal however that is not how my head feels like. I always get headaches and dizziness.

One major culprit I see was my constant exposure on mobile phones and laptops. I can’t stand the light emanating from it. I have low tolerance with bright lights. Even driving at night, seeing tail lights and headlights from the mirrors, make me dizzy. I gave up on getting my eye glasses (for astigmatism) and eye drops because I always lose them. My mother gave up on me too. Haha

Due to my eye problem, I was hindered from reading a lot. I read with my app on my phone. However, even with the dimmest of light, I still get extremely dizzy afterwards (which stays for days) and my eyes strain a lot too. Well, I used to get physical books as a resort but I have no storage to fit them all so I opted for ebooks eventually. It is also inconvenient to bring them around too.

Gladly, I got this Kindle and it was my best buy this year!!! It feels like I was reading from a real book, from a real paper and I was reading for 6 hours straight and the constant eye strain/headache/dizziness that I get from reading in my mobile phone (due to glare, light, etc)  didn’t occur this time. This is a device sent from heaven!

I am very happy that I got the latest Kindle PaperWhite 2015! I could not ask for more! However, finding a local store that sells this is pretty hard.




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