Dear Life


Book Title: Dear Life
Book Series:
Chantelle Azach
Date Published: 
March 2016
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Lost and confused, Brenna Slater has dealt with more than she can effectively handle. While in the midst of overcoming her dark past and escaping the clutches of a physically abusive relationship, she finds herself face to face with the exact opposite of what she always imagined yet everything she never knew she wanted. The timing is wrong and she has enough emotional baggage to fill a train car, but this guy doesn’t seem to want to let her go. He accepts her, despite the drama and turmoil surrounding her, but she still tries to run. Can she overcome her emotional battle and learn to love him or will she ruin her relationship with a man who could possibly be the only one that can save her?


I gave this book a 2.75 out of 5 mainly because… the book needs, well, proofreading. Was it proofread? I see a lot of misspelled words and grammatical errors here and there. Tolerable but bothering. THIS IS A BOOK. People spend money on this so at least, have it checked out first before publishing it or distributing it? For some like me, this is a major thing. It dictates the quality of a book.

One thing I surely loved about this book are its quotes. Every chapter was preceded by a quote and I loved almost everything!!! Relatable.

The story is pretty much fast paced. I loved the beginning and it was which that hooked me up into reading this in the first place. I also loved the ending; it gave us a glimpse of the future, 9 years later. As a standalone book, I love knowing how they ended up.

Brenna. Sigh. I can’t spell her out. Sometimes, there is a fine line between being confused with your life, or with moving on, or simply not caring at all, or making excuses to feel alive —– while being LEVEL headed at the same time in all of those…. ORRRR with just simply being a slut who doesn’t care at all with herself and just have sex with anyone either for convenience or just plain knocked up, not knowing what’s going on at that moment,  then act all casual the next day when she had knowledge about it then shoved it off as if oh well, that’s nothing… what’s new? Sometimes, I can’t blame Brittany.

I love Drew… but, their beginning is also fast paced. I don’t see much how things became intense between them. Things just suddenly happened and poof, they are a thing. But overall, I loved the way he accepted and loved her truthfully.

Then there goes Jake. He was pretty much intense, especially in the beginning. But as much as I would not want to anticipate violence at all, Chantelle just made it seem that there WOULD be one with — all that suspense and hype,  when in fact — there had really been only this one instance at the beginning and that’s it. All that hype and suspense, all just seemed useless overall in the end. We need a little drama of that sort or something. Any who, what’s the harm when the story is leading us to it (at some point).

Brittany, her best friend. Yes, she’s a bitch bbbbbuuuutttt — they rarely had much interaction in this story. I don’t see where this best friend kind of thing came from. They were off from the start. For all I care, she’s a bitch and that’s that. She could have just referred to her as something else other than a best friend in this story. She could have been a past tense  instead of a present tense. That for me is less weird. 




  1. Hey there,

    I’m coming to your blog all the way from the Twittersphere. It was a terribly long distance. JK.

    Anyway, I really enjoy your style of book reviews. You take time to discuss vital parts of storytelling. I, too, believe that published books should be generally free of issues with grammar and spelling. Great post.

    I look forward to more of your stuff. Following you now here and on Twitter.

    -Sharon Yvonne


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