No Love Allowed


Book Title: No Love Allowed
Book Series: 
Dodge Cove Series Book 1
Kate Evangelista
Date Published: 
April 2016
YA Contemporary
It’s all fun and parties until someone falls in love in this modern fairy tale from author Kate Evangelista.

Caleb desperately needs a fake girlfriend. Either he attends a series of parties for his father’s law firm with a pretty girl on his arm, or he gets shipped off to Yale to start a future he’s not ready for and isn’t sure he wants. And sadly, the last unattached girl in his social circle has just made the grievous mistake of falling in love with him. Fortunately, Didi, recently fired waitress and aspiring painter, is open to new experiences. As the summer ticks by in a whirl of lavish parties, there’s only one rule: They must not fall in love!


I learned about this book through National Bookstore’s twitter page. National Bookstore, btw, is my favorite local bookstore I was mentioning on my other articles where my father and I have exclusive memberships (kilig). Well, I was reading twitter feeds when I read the tweet about the meet and greet event for author Kate Evangelista and this book. I got curious, so I did a little researching and stalking. To cut the chase short, I loved the fact that this book was just days published when I saw the feed, the cover ughhhhh loved!, and the lovely raves of Kate Evangelista’s adoring fans who went to her meet and greet were all awesome —- the impulsive me went to and purchased this book right away. Yeah, so much disloyalty to National Bookstore here but hell I prefer electronic books now and Amazon, with their just one click purchase option, the books are delivered  straight on my Kindle in seconds. Bad for your credit card I’d say.

The story is really upbeat, fun, and fast read. If you’re looking for a light read, I would totally recommend this. Well, I gave this book a 4 out of 5. The story is good, however it was more of a teeny book for me. Sadly, I surpassed that stage a long time ago already. Haha But it was merely just because of that, that I gave it a 4 and not a 5. And also with when I read this book, it somehow reminded me of Gossip Girl. With all the formalities, lavish parties, mansions, how they dressed, and lifestyle of these kids — they somehow reminded me of Nate Archibald and his gang. If you read this, you’ll definitely see a resemblance.

Caleb… I didn’t love him at first. He was too…. self absorbed and spoiled I should say but in the end, I saw the real him; extremely gentlemanly sweet, caring, and dedicated. He never believed in love (it was explained in the book though and I feel him). His number one rule, never fall in love with me. He will take you as his girlfriend but as soon as that girl breaks that rule, he’s out. To his defense, his girlfriends knew this rule all along. No strings attached. True to his words, he broke up immediately with his last girlfriend Ashley when she confessed that she fell in love with him. She thought he would change his mind about it. BUT NAH. Spoiled-brat that she is, she caused a scene even when they were out in public — and that was where he met Didi, the waitress.

Didi. She is very IMPULSIVE and quirky. She is also naive and pure at heart. She doesn’t take advantage of people even when they were the ones offering her things already; it’ll just insult her. For her, people just don’t understand that she may be poor but she isn’t doing all these in exchange of something. She just want to have fun! Eccentric that may sound but that’s just all she wanted. I also loved that Didi’s a painter. Haha Their trip to the art store when Caleb brought her there, the mess she makes when she paints — I can totally relate because I paint too 🙂 The way her fingernails are still smeared with paints even after washing it and she’s practically on a date and she doesn’t mind it? We’re kind of the same in that area 🙂

Nathan (he is gay) and Natasha. The twin cousins of Caleb. If there is an award for best supporting roles, I would vouch for these two. Of course, especially Nathan. Mega rich that they are, they have never treated Didi any less (same goes for Caleb, even from the time he first met her). They never looked down on her and thought of themselves inferior just because they are wealthy. Of course this part doesn’t resemble Gossip Girl which I truly admired.

I definitely enjoyed reading this and I’m very excited to read more of Kate Evangelista’s books. This is my first Kate’s book and I’m glad that this has definitely made a good first impression on me. 🙂

I have updated this post because I have just learned that this is  — book one in the Dodge Cove Series. Second book entitled No Holding Back, which will come out this December,  is the story the follows Nathan and Preston’s romance. If you’ve read book 1, you’ll definitely know who these 2 lovely guys were. So if you’re up to Lesbian/Gay stories, I recommend you preorder this now.


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