Nikon And I

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Photography (My First Love), I will be sharing with you now the shots I took using my Nikon D3100 way back in 2011. I called this my Fantasy Flower Collection. Eh? Lol

These were some of the earliest pictures I have taken evurrrrr. Hope you enjoy my gallery below. It had been years since I toyed with a dslr. I have not even mentioned this hobby to anyone I knew recently. Sometimes when they speak of DSLR and photography, I kept mum, walk away, or just stared at them and listen pretending I don’t know any of that. I have the habit of saving myself to a lot of explaining and such. I’d rather pretend not knowing things. It saves me a lot of time and energy. Time? If you don’t know things, you get the automatic pass and can get out of the convo easily. Energy? Listening is better than talking. Anyways, I mastered the art of selective hearing. I forget things happened or convos easily coz of this! You can ask my friends? Haha

Between Canon and Nikon, I liked Nikon more that’s why I got the Nikon D5500 instead 2 weeks ago.


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