Photography (My First Love)

Before I dove into painting… not so many knew I was into photography before. I used Nikon D3100 as my first DSLR way back in 2011 then upgraded to Canon 600D months later. I disposed all my dslr a month after I upgraded to Canon ‘coz I got tired of it eventually because well… you put EXTREMELY less effort into making art compared to painting. But painting didn’t come right after that. I was into guitars first while my brother was into learning how to play his organ (haha). Fast forward to today, I am back using my Nikon D5500. I want to hit a pause with painting and go back to where it all began. Excited to share my shots soon!

My photography days before were one of the best days of my life I’d say. Before photography, I was obsessed with sketching because colors and me don’t mix well. Photography is the product of my frustrations. I used charcoals and pads as my first media since I can’t paint before. Photography had been my means in putting color in my subjects and of course Adobe. My dslr and adobe had been my best friends for a very long time.

I am so grateful with SM Southmall for giving me the break and allowing me to cover one of their events following that.

One of my favorite subjects are flowers, nature. Not sure but I’m quite obsessed with them. Below are some of the shots I took using my Canon 600d. Probably on my next post, I’ll share the shots I took using my Nikon D3100.


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