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It’s been awhile since I last blogged and I’ve been very close to being non-existent lately for a number of reasons but one of which was that I am very busy writing my own book. Finally, I already figured out my story’s timeline, thank you very much. I officially started writing my book last July 13. After 4 days, I came up with 3, 830 words on my novel. 3 chapters completed by far. My target was to hopefully publish it early next year. But because of that, my time had been greatly focused on that and with work that I can’t squeeze in time for my readings. I’m working in an IT firm which means I have this mega exposure with computers so I have been constantly experiencing eye strains. I am greatly opting for another channel on which I can still pseudo read books but without using much of my eyesight (I need some time off away from computers ladies and gents). So… I am very much tempted to try Audibles (an Amazon company). But the questions are:

  • Is it worth my $15 bucks a month?
  • What am I getting off of it?
  • Will the experience be the same as with having and reading the actual book?

I did some researches and here is what I found out:

With this free trial, I’d get to have 2 books of my choosing for 1 month. After that free trial, I’lll be charged for $15 monthly and from my understanding, I’d earn 1 credit (and with this credit I can buy free audiobooks) each month. And if in that same month I wanted to purchase a new audiobook but I have no credits left, I’d get to purchase the books for 30% off of its original price.

The good thing is, I can cancel ANYTIME. 
So… shall I go for it? Well, why  not?! Maybe I have future with audiobooks.
Let’s see.

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