Oil Paints and Materials Haul

I started painting way back in 2014. I first tried out watercolor painting however it is perhaps the most complicated medium I have ever used. Watercolor and I don’t mix well. So, I shifted to Acrylics; and from 2014 to 2016, I have produced over 11 paintings on canvases. Then last month, I decided to jump into oil painting. Well, I’ll make another blog about the differences of Acrylics and Oils based on my experiences working with both. For now, lets focus on this haul.

Note: Being a newbie way back in 2014, I was scared initially of using oils so I went for acrylics because acrylics are less complicated than using oils — and cheaper too. But when I tried out oil painting, I was like — I wasted 2 years of my life painting with ACRYLICS! I mean, I love acrylics however the finish and the way to achieve the finish that I want are very complicated to do with Acrylics but SO MUCH EASIER with oils. But I realized with oils, my paintings dry for 3-4 days and they have this weird smell when still wet. Acrylics drying time is 5-10 mins, or less. So, see the difference eh?

The materials/tools used in oils are not as easy as with acrylics. Easy? Well, acrylics use the universal solvent, water, — and oils use… well, oils and thinners. These are perhaps intimidating especially to people who are just starting with painting mainly because, it’s a gamble. Gamble? It’s not cheap. If you’re planning on selling oil paintings then you must target a medium-high end market that can afford to buy your crafts and take note that this kind of market is not easy to please too. These oils and thinners are not as cheap as you might think. They’re also sold at selected stores that specializes in selling art materials only — here in Metro Manila; they’re not easy to find, they have delivery cost, and they ain’t cheap unlike with acrylics which uses water. 

Any who, I did my research on how to paint with oils. The items below are my starter kit pack:

1.) Canvas Oil Pads and board canvas


Well, I already have a stock of board canvases and oil paint paper canvases but I bought extra ones in case. I used to use stretched canvas before but because of storage issue (because they’re bulkier in size) I opted for board canvases because they are thinner. For now, I have 14×16 and 14×18 board canvases. The largest canvas I ever owned was a 24×30 I guess. I used it on my acrylics paintings.

During this haul, I bought:

  • Fredrix Cotton Canvas Pad for Oils 9×12, 10 sheets – PHP557
  • 4 pieces of 14×16 board canvases – Php134 each


2.)  Gamblin Oil Colors


Well, I didn’t buy a whole lot of colors yet just the ones I think I need. I need to make sure first if I did the right switch.

With Acrylics, I often buy 24 pieces per haul which is PHP260 each but the tubes contain 150ml of paints. With oils, the tubes cost a little higher and with only 37ml. See the huge difference? So below are the assortment of colors for my starter kit along with their prices and sizes:

  • Yellow Ochre 37ml (Artist grade) – PHP443
  • Titanium White 150ml – PHP 637
  • Cadmium Yellow Light 37ml – PHP381
  • Cadmium Red Medium 37ml – PHP381
  • Cobalt Blue 37ml – PHP381
  • Phthalo Blue 37ml – PHP303
  • Chromium Oxide Green 37ml – PHP303
  • Permanent Green Light 37ml – PHP303
  • Raw Sienna 37ml – PHP265
  • Burnt Sienna 37ml – PHP265
  • Raw Umber 37ml – PHP265
  • Ivory Black 37ml- PHP265

Note: I realized I needed Cadmium Orange and Alizarin Crimson.


3.) Linseed oil and Gamsol


Well, I use Gamsol for cleaning my brushes because you can’t rinse oils in brushes using water and refined Linseed Oil well, as an oil (in oil painting, you use oils rather than water). If you paint, you’ll get me.

  • Gamson 500ml – Php637
  • Linseed Oil 500ml – Php935


4.) Oil brushes


Over the course of 2 years, I have managed to have tons of brushes but I mainly used them for watercolor and acrylics paint. There are cases that the brushes were made specifically for acrylics only and for oils only. Since all of my current brushes were used up already and I am not comfortable ruining them by using them with oils, so I bought 1 pack of Pebeo Pop Art Artist Set oil paint brushes which contains 8 brushes. This pack contains:

  • bristle round #6 brush
  • nylon round #6 brush
  • flat bristle #10 brush
  • flat nylon #14 brush
  • the remaining 4, I am not sure how they’re called actually.

This pack is sold for PHP389.

My trusted supplier is The Oil Paint Store. Their delivery charge is PHP300 since I live down south. Their physical store is located in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Well, I have only been there once during my first haul way back in 2014 but with all the hassle and traffic going, finding the store was a little bit hard, and the street as to where their store is located is pretty narrow thus parking is kind of a burden for us, I opted the convenience of online shopping instead on my succeeding hauls. Their delivery is fast too and it’s cash on delivery basis so no online scam right? 1-2 days and my package arrives. Most times it only takes a day so I’m pretty impressed. If you wanna know more about their store, just click here for more info.

Well, I am not the best painter out there but it’s my hobby and I love doing it for leisure.  If you enjoy what you’re doing, all is worth it.


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