Rainbow Baby Oil Painting

One of my dearest friends has had a miscarriage. It was supposed to be their first child. After months of healing from that, she underwent several procedures to enable and prepare her her body to carry another child. So when she learned she’s pregnant again, she was overjoyed and kept her pregnancy low key. It was last June 2016 that in God’s name, she successfully delivered a bouncing baby boy.

I promised her before that on her wedding day, my gift would be of a portrait of her and her husband to be but sadly that didn’t push through because I got so tied up with work and life. Maybe, it was because fate has done it too. When I had the time to paint, I asked her right away what theme she’d like for my painting (my long overdue gift) and she right away told me that she wanted anything about rainbow. I got confused. Then, she told me that it’s because her baby boy is a rainbow baby. Rainbow babies are babies born after a miscarriage. I was actually touched when I learned about this knowing how extra special they are — most especially for their parents and it really melts my heart every time I remember hearing about Rainbow Babies for the first time.

This is an oil painting of my friend’s baby on a 14 x 16 board canvas. It took me 6 hours to complete this and 4 days drying time.


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