TBR – The Wrath And The Dawn Series

WRATHcover9780399171628-2 r

I have been seeing these books for quite sometime now in our local bookstore and in several book reviews channels that I am subscribed at. I was first captivated with the books’ aesthetics; really eye catchy. From that, you’d somehow have a clue as to what these books are about — Arabian, middle eastern thingy. However, I wasn’t sure if I am up to that setting yet as the names of the people or places are somewhat different from what I am used to (hard to pronounce too) therefore hard to grasp, memorize, or relate sometimes so I didn’t bother. However, it was just yesterday that I saw the Rose & The Dagger up in the best selling books corner at our local bookstore and I was buying paint brushes and the cashier line was really long that I had the urge to read the summary and instantly fell in love with it. And so, I got these books and I am dying to finish these!!!! I have already started with The Wrath & The Dawn book and frankly, I wished I have picked up this book A LONG TIME AGO!

Watch out for my book reviews on my next blogs!


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