Lux Series


This is probably one of my most favorite book series to date!!! Since I finished the last book, I don’t know what to do with my life anymore (hahah). My head is still reeling from the whole thing! This book is a combination of Science fiction, fantasy, and new adult book genres all in one!!! So if you’re up for that, you surely don’t wanna miss this series.

This series also made me fall in love with the author, Jennifer Armentrout! Her writing captivated me right off the bat and surely from then on, I am a big fan of hers. I am actually considering on reading her Wicked Trilogy soon (but the last book on that installment won’t be published until next year so I’m kind of reserving this trilogy until all the books are complete knowing that in Lux Series, I would die by just having to wait for the release of the book after the other).

To read my reviews for each of these books, you may find them here




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