Midnight Star


Book Title: Midnight Star
Book Series: Vampire Girl Series Book 2
Author: Karpov Kinrade
Date Published: May2016
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until I sold my soul to save my mother. Now, I am forced to choose between my heart and my conscience.
Either way, someone I love will die.


I finished this book in one sitting. Man!!!!! Magic, Faes, Dragons, shockers and all that STUFFFF! And Fenris,Fenris!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIED. I am totally in love with Fenris! He is it for me. HE IS my KING and Ari is the Queen! But speaking of the King… the real king… THAT BASTARD! He is a DEMON! Real shit is about to go down. He’s a manipulator!

I adore some of these princes. Though they are cunning yet I feel the support and love for each of their brothers and also to their people. I sometimes wonder if they are really demons by heart. I mean, aren’t they supposed to be ruthless and all that crap? Well one of them were but in general, they love their family. I can see that.

Midnight Star, the title, played a major role in this book. This is WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT! I swear. A lot of twists and unravellings are in store for you. The romance is there but it’s just a back burner. The book is more about the magic,faes, history of their world, and yes, this is action packed.

And yet another shocker AGAIN! The ending though!!! WTH!

I gave this book a 4 out of 5.


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