Vampire Girl


Book Title: Vampire Girl
Book Series: Vampire Girl Series Book 1
Author: Karpov Kinrade
Date Published: April 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Summary:You think it’s safe to walk alone at night. It’s not.

You think the only threat is other humans. It’s not.

Monsters are real. Demons are real. Vampires are real.

And I’m about to become one of them.

My name is Arianna Spero. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until my mother lapsed into a coma. Now, I am her only hope. She made a deal with the devil, and on my 18th birthday he came to collect. But there’s a way to save her. There’s something the princes of hell want more than my mother.


So I signed my soul away and promised to pick a prince to marry. I would take the blood oath, become one of them, and give them an heir. I would become a princess of hell, and my mother would live.

I expected fire and brimstone. I expected pain and misery. I didn’t expect beauty. I didn’t expect magic.

I didn’t expect love.

But the princes are keeping secrets from me.

Secrets that could shatter everything.


I was at first confused as to why this book was named Vampire Girl. Almost half of the time on to reading this, I wasn’t sure actually if the brothers were demons or vampires. I mean, demons like monsters, horns, ugly creatures and stuff like that. Their realm was referred to as the Hell so that was where my confusion started. I thought vampires were like Edward from Twilight though. Haha well I mean, come on… Vampires, according to the myths, live with us. They don’t enter a portal to get into their own realm. So when the author/s said Hell plus the word demon with it — how was that for a vampire? Demon or vampire? Well I guess, they are vampires. There I said it. I made up my mind. THEY ARE VAMPIRES who enters a portal to get to their realm they call Hell. And they look like human and they don’t look like monsters. 

Their realm is actually —- nice. When the author said Hell, I was envisioning HELL literally. I didn’t expect a paradise. Their “world” is actually divided into 7 kingdoms rules by the 7 princes. These princes were of the 7 deadly sins: Prince Of Lust, Prince Of Gluttony, Prince Of Pride, Prince Of War, Prince Of Greed, Prince Of Sloth, and Prince Of Envy. Their kingdoms match the theme of their, well sins. It’s kind of interesting for me actually. Like in the kingdom of Lust where the structures were all of beauty and men and women are naked and all that is in lust whereas in War, well they have different kind of situation there and rules etc.

Well the story is fast phased. I like Arianna. She is feisty. She sold her soul to the devil to save her mom’s soul. All she has to do is that she needs to pick one of the 7 princes of hell to be the next king and she’s to be the queen. Not bad! These princes were DROOL WORTHY. She needs to spend a month with each of these princes to get to know them and to be fair and square with them seven before she can choose. And man, I LOVE FENRIS — Prince of War!!! He’s something guys! He doesn’t want the throne but he needs to unravel the truth behind their father’s death…. He thinks someone from the inside killed their dad worse is if they’re one of his brothers. A traitor. He was chosen to have the first month with Arianna first but he waved it and gave the first turn to his brother The Prince of Lust. But getting to know Arianna a little, he grew a concern for her. He took his turn back as he thinks if his guts are right, she’ll be in danger.

AND THAT ENDING THOUGH!!!!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTT??? I gave this book a 4 out of 5.



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